Chrome App Review: Spotify Web

So I was feeling adventurous and decided to try out the web client for the Spotify player. As to be expected, it doesn’t have as many features, but as far as I’ve seen, it does all I need it to do.

It’s sort of like the regular client, but simplified a bit with a different kind of hierarchy. It looks like it’d be easy to use with a touch screen.

You have your standard controls to view your music stuffs: the radio, playlists, news, and search all as big icons on the right. Going there and it’s just the standard Spotify interface, listing all of your playlists and radio stations as you’re familiar with them. Play a track, and the player opens up on the right, with play/pause, skipping and volume controls. The volume controls and others are hidden and you have to hover over the album art to access them.

My mind is a little fuzzy on these details, but I believe you can access the settings for the client by hoving over your name. Again, not as many options, but just as much as you need.

The web client is good for if you aren’t using your home computer, or if you just don’t feel like reinstalling Spotify. It also increases compatibility by being able to run on any platform that can run a web browser. You also (theoretically) lower memory usage over using the regular program by having it in your browser. Just make sure you pin the tab if you’re using an extension like TamMemFree, which parks your tabs.


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